ICTs in Education

1. Bubbl.us

Simple brainstorming tool – using mindmaps. Advantages – Simple and easy to use. Disadvantages – Slow and sometimes difficult to find things (ie delete a mindmap section). Can be used for simple brainstorms – can be printed out and used for reference and/or study.

2. EduClipper

Content clipboards online (like Pinterest). Advantages – Easy to locate past or current posts. Looks similar to Pinterest, which some students will already have. Disadvantages – Takes ages to load; a whole class of students would not be able to be on at the same time. Probably wouldn’t use in class, as it changes every day and can get distracting. Although this is interesting (found on EduClipper):

3. Teach-Nology

Teacher forum and discussion board. Advantages – Lots of teachers willing to help each other out and give advice to others. Disadvantages – Sometimes (as with all forums) it goes off topic and can get distracted. Would not use in class but would get some ideas to use in class.

4. Word Mover

Free creative poetry app. Advantages – Good for English, Drama, people with learning difficulties. Disadvantages – Requires iPad. Would use for English or Drama or dyslexic students.

5. Survey Monkey

Survey Creator. Advantages – Easy summation of information from students. Easy to fill out and view information. Disadvantages – Students can give undesired/unrequested information. Would use in class at the end of a unit, perhaps at the beginning if you want to know what to teach, rather than a general overview.

6. Google News Archives/Trove

News Archiving made easy. Advantages – Simple research of historical eras/news. What was important back then? Disadvantages – Can get off topic easily by looking at the wrong thing. Would probably be used for History or English across all year levels.

7. Tagxedo

Online Clusterbomb compilation website. Looks at most frequent words used. Advantages – Compresses a lot of information to a smaller amount, where it highlights the most important “key” words. Can be used for Enlglish, when looking for key or important words (most likely lower-school).

8. Edmodo

Social networking for students. Advantages – Teaches them how to safely use Social Media. Disadvantages – Another social media website. Would not use in class but maybe as a connection tool for after school.

9. Lesson Bucket

Advice and information on what to teach Media students. Advantages – Gives advice to teachers on a newer subject area, in easy to understand language. Disadvantages – Can start to teach solely off the website. Would use in class when teaching a subject I haven’t before/using the images as examples.


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