mobile learning in the 21st century

Justine Isard’s article ‘Why mobile learning makes sense in the 21st century classroom’ argues very much for the use of mobile learning devices (iPads and to a lesser extent laptops) in education. This argument, she says, can be made because mobile learning promotes an individualised learning opportunity that suits the student’s learning style, on top of being more student-focused than teacher-led. The use of mobile technology, however, must be used to work with the educational topic, and not simply because the technology is there.

This is, I believe, a good and useful article. The importance of technology in the classroom (even in the pre-iPad age) has been highlighted as a necessity, recognising its importance. It shows that children should be educated not only in the standard English, Maths, textbook, whiteboard style, but also on what is happening around them in the wider world. Students should be able to use modern technology not only for fun but for education. Students should also be able to recognise its correct use, or at least the safer way to operate it. What needs to be drilled in to students is their visibility, especially online, where they haven’t thought of this before.


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